Speaking With a United Voice

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013   /  Tags: agriculture, D.C., farm bill, food

Coalitions, both formalized and not, are important to advocacy today. They help build new, diverse relationships by identifying common ground on legislative issues. But what sets a truly effective coalition apart from the others? A strong coalition is formed by identifying and recruiting key partners and building a comprehensive outreach strategy targeted to help you reach your policy goal. Communication is a critical component of a successful coalition, as is detailed recordkeeping and ongoing internal assessments of its effectiveness. A successful coalition continuously learns and builds on its past successes.

Perhaps most importantly, while there are many coalitions in D.C., a truly effective one is built on trust between coalition partners over a unified goal. Over our years of work on behalf of many diverse groups, we’ve learned that facilitating a coalition is a challenging but increasingly important skill that will help your voice be heard in Washington.