Statement from Michael Torrey regarding the presidential transition process

Friday, November 18th, 2016   /  Tags: D.C., MTA news

“The presidential transition process was established by law to aid in the smooth transfer of power between presidents, prepare the incoming administration to govern, and ensure the nation’s security.  It is an important and complex effort that is entirely separate from a candidate’s election campaign.

I was asked several months ago to serve as a volunteer to help ensure a smooth transition at USDA.  I have provided assistance since that time because I believe strongly in the importance of USDA’s mission and the people it serves.  USDA impacts every American household every day and its importance truly cannot be measured.

Throughout my time assisting the transition effort, I have adhered closely to the code of ethical conduct and confidentiality agreement that was provided to me. Each transition has their own policies for the involvement of registered lobbyists.  When asked recently to terminate lobbying registration for clients whom I serve in order to continue my role with the transition, I respectfully resigned from my role.

I – along with the entire team at Michael Torrey Associates – remain committed to serving our clients with integrity.  I am very grateful to the transition effort to have been asked to provide counsel, and it has been an honor to do my small part during this critical time of transition for our nation.”