Expertise + Relationships = Results for Clients

Founded in 2005, Michael Torrey started the firm with one client, and a vision to serve food and agriculture companies and associations with honesty and dedication. Over the past decade, the Michael Torrey Associates team has expanded in size and network to serve those who want their voices heard in Washington, D.C. Michael Torrey and his handpicked team stay ahead of the issues that challenge agriculture, food and financial services organizations.

Our broad expertise, coupled with our relationships in Washington, leads to results for our clients. We seek collaboration, not confrontation, and work with both Democrats and Republicans, approaching all relationships with respect and integrity.

Our knowledge, insights and connections help our clients build bipartisan understanding that leads to future success. We are proud of the reputation we’ve earned and the relationships we’ve built, both inside and outside the Beltway. It’s about trust. It’s about reputation. And at the end of the day, it leads to results. Located on Capitol Hill, our firm is well qualified to help you. Read below for a list of current services. The list is not exhaustive, but is a summary of recent ways that we have collaborated with clients to achieve success.

+ Government Relations

Strategic Counsel

Clients rely on Michael Torrey Associates to devise and execute comprehensive strategies for achieving legislative and regulatory success. We are engaged with our clients, offering public affairs advice, communications help, assistance in building relationships and continual monitoring of progress on their issues of concern.

Coalition Building

We bring stakeholders from industry, NGOs and consumer advocates together to advance our clients’ legislative and regulatory initiatives. We will take stock of current coalition efforts in D.C. and work to identify priority areas to engage with legislators, regulators and stakeholders.

Relationship Building & Grassroots Engagement

Clients trust Michael Torrey Associates to represent their interests and speak on their behalf in decision-making forums and before Congress, federal agencies, industry trade associations, and third party interest groups.

We work to engage members and key stakeholders in the countryside. Educating these stakeholders on your priorities is critical. The Michael Torrey Associates team has experience of mobilizing trade association’s grassroots through action alerts, sharing talking points and social media tools that connects your members or employees with their Members of Congress.

Monitoring Legislation and Regulation

We monitor legislative and regulatory developments, industry trends and emerging issues in order to inform our clients of relevant news and decisions that affect their business.

Issue Briefs

Clients use our memos and issue briefs for use with Congress, administration officials and federal agency decision-makers.

PAC Management

Michael Torrey Associates has experience managing political action committees, from budgeting and strategic planning to coordinating and hosting events.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers are a complex undertaking that can evolve strong reactions from elected officials, regulators and key stakeholders. Michael Torrey Associates can be a resource to those audiences when they have questions about changes in the industry.

+ Issues Management and Communications

Public Affairs 

Developing, delivering and managing key messages is essential to any successful advocacy campaign. We offer integrated communications and public affairs services to get your messages to the right people at the right time through the right media. These regular communications include writing press releases, action alerts to send to your members, newsletter articles for internal audiences, or drafting opinion pieces or letters to the editor.

Crisis Response

Anticipating issues that impact your business is essential to understanding crisis communications. We have experience managing these issues, as well as coordinating and mobilizing a rapid response.

Social Media

Your social media platforms should be extensions of your coordinated public affairs messaging that allows you to target multiple audiences. Our team has experience developing and implementing a variety of social media campaigns and we offer a range of services including social media monitoring and content consulting.

Executive Positioning

The importance of engaging with thought leaders and aligning organization reputation can make your goals become achievable. Let Michael Torrey Associates elevate your profile and expand relationship across the agriculture and food industries and influences. Our team can help build out a strategic plan to identify target audiences. This could also include coordinating networking events for stakeholders and identifying speaking opportunities.

Influencer Mapping

Influencer mapping is just one tool to utilize when strategically grouping your priorities. It begins with identifying key influencers such as government, industry, and NGOs that will have an impact on your priorities. From there, Michael Torrey Associates can craft a plan of work to help build relationships with these stakeholders, share your messages, and ultimately, identify ways to collaborate.

Media Monitoring 

Intelligence monitoring on your top issues should occur regularly. Michael Torrey Associates focuses on the top issues whether it be in the media here in Washington or across national headlines. We are flexible and provide updates in a way that is most convenient for you, be it regular conference calls, emails, or other communications.

+ Association Management

Membership Services

We work diligently to understand what motivates companies and organizations to join and remain active in trade associations. We use that knowledge to create programs to meet educational, communication, membership growth and membership services goals.

Conferences and Meetings

We excel in planning, promoting and managing successful meetings and events. From site selection, contracts, menus, speakers, registration and social events, we provide turnkey services that ensure cost effective and successful meetings.

Communications and Public Relations

Developing, delivering and managing key messages is essential to any successful communications campaign. We offer integrated communications and public relations services to get your messages to the right people at the right time through the right media. These regular communications may include writing press releases, action alerts to send to your members, social media management, newsletter articles and op-eds.

Strategic Planning

Creating a measurable plan of action with timelines is critical to ensuring your success in D.C. During this strategic planning process we would spend time with you and your team asking questions, reviewing past actions and learning about your current goals and objectives. From these discussion, we will work with you to develop a highly customized strategy and plan of work.

Financial Management

Complex tax codes and changing legislation require compliance with financial and accounting standards. Our clients outsource these services to us so they can meet their obligations without additional employment overhead. Our financial management services include bookkeeping, accounts receivable and payable, reporting, dues collection, budgeting and forecasting, and tax preparation.

General Administration

We can be your organization’s office: answering phone calls, responding to email and other correspondence, planning agendas, coordinating meetings, and handling administrative details.