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Dean Foods company

Dean Foods: In Sync with Crucial Policy Decisions

As the largest U.S. processor and distributor of dairy products and a European leader in branded soy foods and beverages, Dean Foods needs to be involved in dairy and agricultural policies that can significantly impact the company’s bottom line.

The company sought our expert guidance to navigate the complex laws and regulations covering safety, sanitation, environment, zoning, marketing and more.


Our understanding of dairy and agriculture policy and our relationships in both the public and private sectors were instrumental in helping Dean Foods effectively communicate with the company’s multiple Washington, D.C. audiences.


With our assistance, Dean Foods’ government relations team was able to identify the key players involved in dairy and agriculture policy decisions, build their political network and navigate the federal political and regulatory processes governing their industry. We assisted in development of a legislative remedy to address dairy pricing program exemptions that were failing to recognize changes and growth in the industry.



Our friends at Dean Foods know they can count on us to anticipate important developments and respond with appropriate action. With us on their team, Dean Foods has a high level of confidence in its ability to stay at the forefront of policy decisions that could impact the company’s bottom line.