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Rudolph Foods

Rudolph Foods: Breaking a Regulatory Stalemate

Rudolph Foods invested significant financial resources over the course of several years, attempting to gain USDA approval to import semi-processed pork products from Brazil. Having reached an impasse in the approval process, Rudolph Foods needed to work with someone who could move the ball forward with USDA.

We helped Rudolph Foods explore all appropriate avenues to jump-start what had become a lengthy and burdensome process. We opened a dialog with USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), creating an opportunity to move forward on the matter.

We assisted Rudolph Foods in successfully navigating the APHIS approval process for importation of pork products from Brazil.

While Rudolph Foods was aware of our track record and expertise in matters involving food and agriculture, they came to appreciate our firm’s refreshing level of honesty. Impressed with our strategic thinking and business savvy, Rudolph Foods continues to rely on our team for advice on ways to protect and grow their business.