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Michael Torrey Associates has helped us create coalitions that led to success in navigating issues that affect our customers and their products.

Snack Food Association

Snack Food Association: Maintaining and Mobilizing Diverse Relationships Across Government, Industry and Consumer Groups


SNAC International represents over 400 food manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Following the streamlining of its government relations department, the association sought the assistance of a government relations specialist with food industry expertise and a proven track record. SNAC wanted to develop a coordinated response and be actively engaged with issues that affect its members, namely maintaining consumer choice for participants in SNAP – the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.


SNAC selected Michael Torrey Associates to provide counsel and communications guidance on legislative and regulatory matters. When some in Congress – and at the state level – proposed rules to limit the foods available under SNAP, SNAC asked MTA to help make the case against the proposals before they adversely affected the interests of SNAC members. MTA built a broad network of more than 100 agriculture, food, retail, and anti-hunger stakeholders that can quickly be mobilized to defeat harmful legislation at the federal and state levels.  MTA leads message development for diverse target audiences and drives the alliance’s strategic planning. The firm is a trusted partner that ensures all alliance members are informed and equipped with the tools they need to be effective advocates. MTA has strong, positive relationships with diverse national and state organizations, from farm to fork.


MTA continues to facilitate discussions and partnerships that have produced broad, unified opposition to efforts to limit the foods available to SNAP participants. This alliance continues to be actively engaged throughout the farm bill debate and has successfully defended against harmful amendments, as well as a variety of state bills that would limit choice. MTA serves as both a leading voice on the issue on Capitol Hill and a trusted advisor for partners in the alliance. With its diverse network across the country, the firm is an early warning system in identifying potential threats at the state level and quickly springs into action to coordinate an effective response when threats arise. The firm is familiar with state legislation monitoring tools and understands how critical proactive preparation is to protect against fast-moving threats. MTA also has experience navigating – and collaborating with – key state organizations, such as the National Council of State Legislators and the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture.


SNAC has worked with MTA for more than a decade. MTA is dedicated to leading the SNAP alliance and increasing industry collaboration to engage and defend choice for all SNAP participants. In this role, MTA continually works to expand industry involvement, monitor potential threats, educate Capitol Hill, and coordinate stakeholder engagement.