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Given our strong bipartisan relationships and food and agriculture industry expertise, clients rely on Team Torrey to devise and execute comprehensive strategies for achieving legislative and regulatory success. We are also an effective early warning system in identifying potential threats.

Government Relations



Our team brings stakeholders from industry, non-profits, think tanks, and consumer advocates together. We proactively work to identify priority areas to engage with legislators, regulators, and stakeholders.

Team Torrey is a go-to information source for food and agriculture for decision makers on and off Capitol Hill. We offer both a strong network and subject matter expertise.

We provide a wide range of counsel to our clients, from public affairs advice, to assistance in building relationships, intel monitoring, and association and coalition management strategies.

We work to engage members and key stakeholders in the countryside. Team Torrey mobilizes trade association grassroots through action alerts and social media to connect members or employees with their elected officials.

Our location in Washington, D.C. – just blocks from the Capitol – allows our team to keep a finger on the pulse of Congress and the administration. Our strong bipartisan network is an asset to our clients.

We monitor legislative and regulatory developments, industry trends, and emerging issues to keep our clients informed about news and decisions that affect their business. Clients use our memos and issue briefs for use with Congress, administration officials, and other decision-makers.

Team Torrey is experienced in managing political action committees, from budgeting and strategic planning to coordinating and hosting events.

Creating a measurable plan of action with timelines is critical to success in D.C. During our strategic planning process, we ask questions, review past actions, and learn about our clients’ current goals and objectives. From these discussions, we work with clients to develop a customized strategy and plan of work.

Clients trust Team Torrey  to represent their interests and speak on their behalf in decision-making forums and before Congress, federal agencies, industry trade associations, and third-party interest groups.

Issues Management Communications

Issues Management
& Communications

Issues Management
& Communications

Team Torrey anticipates policy issues that could impact our clients. Our crisis communications experience includes coordinating and mobilizing a rapid response.

We use our broad network to get clients in front of the policymakers, thought leaders, and stakeholders that will have an impact on our client’s key issues. We help our clients elevate their profile and expand relationships with agriculture and food industry influencers. We are skilled at coordinating networking events for stakeholders and identifying speaking opportunities.

Team Torrey’s intelligence monitoring goes beyond standard news clips to include analysis and helpful context about how actions impact our clients. We are flexible and provide updates in a way that is most convenient for our clients, be it regular conference calls, emails, or other communications.

Developing, delivering, and managing key messages is essential to any successful advocacy campaign. Team Torrey  brings a savvy perspective to engaging with influencers in the food and agriculture sector through thoughtful, well-structured messaging. 

We serve in an advisory role to help our clients get their messages to the right people at the right time through the right channels. These communications can include press releases, action alerts, internal newsletters, or drafting opinion pieces and letters to the editor.

Our team facilitates influencer mapping for our clients, identifying contacts for outreach within government, industry, and nonprofit organizations. From there, we craft a plan of work to help build relationships with these stakeholders, share key messages, and ultimately, identify ways to collaborate.
Association Management



We offer integrated communications and public relations services to get our clients’ messages to the right people at the right time through the right channels. These communications include press releases, action alerts, internal newsletters, or drafting opinion pieces and letters to the editor.

We excel in planning, promoting, and managing successful meetings and events. From site selection, contracts, menus, speakers, registration, and social events, we provide turnkey services that ensure cost effective and successful meetings.
We can be your organization’s office: answering phone calls, responding to email and other correspondence, planning agendas, coordinating meetings, and handling administrative details. Our financial management services include bookkeeping, accounts receivable and payable, reporting, dues collection, budgeting and forecasting, and tax preparation.
We work diligently to understand what motivates companies and organizations to join and remain active in trade associations. We use that knowledge to create programs to meet educational, communication, membership growth and membership services goals.
We work with associations to create a measurable plan of action with timelines, which is critical to ensuring success in D.C.

Our Expertise

Team Torrey works on a wide range of agriculture, fiber, food, and forestry issues.